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  If you’ve been hoping to upgrade that iPhone in your pocket, you might not have to wait much longer.


  Apple officially announced its annual fall event will be held Sept. 9 in San Francisco. The event is traditionally where the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant reveals updates to its iPhone line. It’s also the same event where the company showcased the Apple Watch last year.

  苹果公司官方公布了年度秋季发布会定于9月9日,在美国旧金山举行。此次发布会一如既往地,如同库比蒂诺——总部在加利福利亚的技术巨头公开发布iPhone产品系列更新的发布会,同时也是和去年苹果公司举行Apple Watch发布会类似。

  We don’t expect a new Apple Watch at this year’s event, but we do have a few ideas of what the company might have in store.

  我们并不期待在今年的发布会上有新的Apple Watch,不过我们确实对苹果公司有可能推出的产品有一些期待。

  The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

  iPhone 6S和iPhone 6S Plus

  September is typically when Apple announces updates to its iPhone line, and we suspect this year will be no different. Rumor has it Apple will be announcing updates to both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at the event. Called the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the phones will offer small incremental upgrades from last year’s models.

  9月份一直是苹果公司发布iPhone新产品的时期,我们认为今年也不例外。有传言认为,苹果公司本次发布会将发布升级版的iPhone 6以及6 Plus。命名为iPhone 6S 和6S Plus的苹果手机,相比去年的款式将增加了一些细小的新功能。

  Expect both phones to come packing new Qualcomm wireless chips and faster A9 processors, leading to improved LTE speeds and battery life on the phone. The camera on the iPhone 6S is expected to also see some improvements. Rumors point to a new 12-megapixel rear-facing camera with 4K video support as well as a new, improved forward-facing camera for video calls and selfies.

  我们将期待的,是两个版本手机配置新型的Qualcomm无线芯片和更快的A9处理器,所以LTE的速度更快,手机续航能力更强。iPhone 6S的相机功能仍有改进的空间。据传言说,会有一个新型的1200万像素的后置摄像头,支持4K录像,以及一个全新,改良的前置摄像头,供摄像与自拍的功能需求。

  Both phones are expected to get force-touch displays, which will add a new layer of functionality. Similar to the feature on the Apple Watch, you would be able to press down on the screen to perform functions in addition to the phone’s traditional controls. The iPhone will also reportedly now come in a rose-gold option.

  两个版本的手机触摸屏都有force-touch的功能,意味着添加了新的功能。你会发现,Apple Watch也有类似的特性,你可以点按屏幕来运行除了传统手机控制功能之外的功能。据说也将会发布一款玫瑰金的iPhone。

  There likely won’t be an iPhone 6C announced to replace the low-cost iPhone 5C.

  而以iPhone 6C取代低成本的iPhone 5C的情况是不大可能出现的。

  A new Apple TV

  新版Apple TV

  It’s still not ready to announce that long-rumored television, but Apple is expected to announce an update to its set-top box at the Sept. 9 event. The 4th generation of the popular device is anticipated to offer a number of new features including Siri support and an updated remote control. The device is also rumored to get a new App Store, along with an SDK for developers who want to create an app for the box. With new apps like games, the Apple TV could start to become a competitor for gaming systems such as Xbox and PlayStation.

  苹果还没有准备发布传闻已久的电视机。不过据说苹果公司将会在9月9日的发布会公布它的一项机顶盒更新。这个第四代机顶盒,预计会有很多新功能,包括支持Siri功能,以及升级后的遥控功能。还有传言认为,这个设备支持App Store功能,并为开发人员提供软件开发工具包(SDK),以便开发创造机顶盒的应用。拥有新型诸如游戏等的新应用,Apple TV就能以竞争者的姿态在游戏系统的市场上与Xbox和PlayStation相竞争了。

  Those apps will reportedly be exclusive to the new Apple TV, which will likely be priced somewhere between $149 and $199. Apple is thought to be keeping its current $69 Apple TV around as a low-price alternative to the new version, and as a competitor for things like Roku and Google’s Chromecast. However, the older version of the TV likely won’t be able to use the new App Store.

  据说那些应用只配置在最新的Apple TV里,定价将会在$149美元和$199美元之间。有人认为苹果公司会保持当前Apple TV $69美元左右的价格,作为新版Apple TV的相对低价格的备选,同时也与诸如Roku和谷歌Chromecast的产品相竞争。然而,稍旧版本的Apple TV很有可能无法兼容最新的App Store功能。

  The Maybes


  Apple has been long-rumored to be working on a larger, 12.9-inch version of the iPad. We could potentially see the tablet at September’s event, but don’t hold your breath. Chances are, Apple will hold off on announcing this one until October.


  Recent rumors also point to Apple launching a new streaming service this year to compete with cable companies, as well as a new ‘smart band’ for the Apple Watch to add new functionality to the device. While both are still likely to happen this year, don’t expect either to come at this month’s event.

  最近的传言也指出,苹果公司今年会启动新的流媒体服务与其他的有线电视公司相竞争,以及为Apple Watch设备增添新款的“智能手环”功能。尽管这两件举措都很有可能在今年公布,不过也别期待本月就能马上看到。

  Of course, no one but Tim Cook knows for sure what Apple has in store for Sept. 9. Be sure to check back here then for a full report on everything that is announced.


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