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  冷邮件:在这个互联网社交年代,学会发COLD EMAIL是个事业、爱情、生活成功的必备技能。 COLD EMAIL(冷邮件)的意思就是,你拿到了一个刚刚在线上或者线下认识的人的邮箱,然后要发邮件给Ta,以此来认识Ta、请教Ta、或是请求Ta的帮助

  CEOs are thirsty for insight from the front lines. And yet those of us on those front lines – whether we are customers or employees – are often hesitant to reach out to senior leaders who are only an email away.


  I saw this the other day in a friend who works for Salesforce. My friend is a mid-level manager, and he’s very observant and bright. He has a ton of insight and perspective about Salesforce and Marc Benioff, the founder and CEO of Salesforce, would be better off knowing. And, while I don’t know Benioff, I’ll bet with confidence that he craves this information, because he could use it to make better decisions. That’s what I found by working with Bill George – the former CEO of Medtronic and now a professor at Harvard Business School – on True North. In interview after interview, we found that CEOs wanted a better picture of what their employees and customers wanted. CEOs repeatedly told us how unexpectedly isolating they found the job. But when I asked my friend whether he would email Benioff, he demurred, not wanting to ruffle any feathers in the hierarchy.

  我有一个在Salesforce工作的朋友就是如此。他是个公司中层,人很睿智,而且有敏锐的观察力。对于Salesforce和其创始人及CEO马克·贝尼奥夫,他有太多的洞悉以及远见卓识。虽说我并不了解贝尼奥夫,但我打赌他一定是渴望这类可贵资源的,因为这能使他在做决定时有更完善的考虑。之所以这么说,是因为我在同比尔·乔治共事时有所相关发现(比尔·乔治,美敦力公司CEO,现任哈佛商学院教授,著有True North一书并开设相关课程)。通过一次又一次的采访,每一个CEO都希望从雇员和顾客眼中了解他们真正的需求。他们反复提到,CEO这个职业带给他们的受孤立感是意想不到的。当我问及朋友是否会给CEO发邮件提建议时,他拒绝了,因为他不想惹任何同事生气。

  I don’t understand my friend’s reluctance. The whole way I accidentally became an author in the first place was by sending a cold email to Bill after he spoke with our business school, and briefly shook his hand afterward. I also cold emailed G.E.’s dynamo Chief Marketing Officer and senior vice president Beth Comstock after my last book, Little Bets, came out, and she got right back to me with a mailing address to send it to. Eventually, she invited me to sit on a small Innovation Advisory board for G.E. Beth is a force of nature, and has become a friend.And although I’ve never spoken with Jeff Bezos, I have emailed him twice — it’s a poorly kept secret in publishing that if you are an author and have a real problem with Amazon, that’s the “nuclear option.” In my experience, your problem will soon be addressed.


  I may be an outlier, but I’m not alone. Blair Taylor is now chief community officer at Starbucks after a cold email the former head of the Los Angeles Urban League sent to CEO Howard Schultz. It led to a phone conversation and ultimately, a job offer.Best-selling author and Wharton Professor Adam Grant frequently responds to cold emails, so long as they are relevant and written in a spirit of giving, not taking — the topic of his research.


  And Craig Good, a Pixar employee for decades who started at the company as a security guard and left as a legendary employee and member of the technical team, recalls what happened when he sent Steve Jobs an unsolicited email. When Good was working at Lucasfilm Ltd., Pixar’s predecessor, he was in an in-house security and janitorial team, which he thought worked much better than external guard services (where he had also had previous experiences). So as Pixar was building their new headquarters in Emeryville, “I emailed Steve laying out my case that security should be in-house, as in ‘us,’ not contracted as in ‘them’. I Cc’d Tom Carlisle, who was in charge of the project. Steve’s reply was simply, ‘I agree 100%.’ A week or so later I saw Tom in the lunch room and asked what happens next. He said, ‘My experience is that when Steve gives an answer like that no further discussion is necessary.’ Pixar Safety & Security became an in-house operation before the company moved to Emeryville.”


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