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  1. You will never get a reliable paycheck.

  1. 钱到用时方恨少。

  As a waitress in Wisconsin, I make $2.33 an hour, which is the legal minimum wage my state requires employers to pay us aside from our tips. That's not enough to live on, so we depend on an 18 percent tip. Honestly, we get a little grouchy when we get a 5 percent tip when we're busting our butts to give somebody the best service we can. I work 25 hours a week — the restaurant I work at is only open for dinner — and I can expect to take home anywhere from $300 to $400 a week. And though corporate-owned restaurants offer health insurance if you're full-time, the place I work is family-owned and unfortunately doesn't offer any type of insurance. I have insurance now through my parents until I'm 26, but after that, I will need to pay out of pocket or have a job that provides it.


  2. Generous tips are rare, but they do happen.

  2. 大方的客人还是会有的。

  I once had a table of 12 people, so gratuity was included. The gratuity ended up being $160, but they tipped me in addition to that, so I had double the tip I should have gotten. When a situation like that happens, you sort of assume it was a mistake and you don't want to let the person know. But I believe in karma, so I go up to them and let them know the tip is already included. I did that, and the man who paid for the table goes, "I know, this is all for you. You did a great job, thank you very much."


  3. Customers will judge you based on how you look.

  3. 顾客也是“看脸”的。

  Even though your appearance doesn't affect the service you're giving them, it definitely is a major factor in the results of the tip at the end. On Mother's Day, I forgot to take out my tongue ring and I served a table that didn't tip me because of it. After the meal, they went up to my boss and said, "We didn't like our service because our waitress had a tongue ring." Even though we grow up hearing not to judge a book by its cover, unfortunately, people do.


  4. Customers will sabotage their food to get a free meal.

  4. 为了“免单”顾客们也是蛮拼的。

  There are definitely people who kind of make it a hobby to get their meal free. Once they know a restaurant will comp their meal if there's a hair in it, they will come back and keep doing it until they can't get away with it anymore. Obviously, hair does get in the food sometimes. I wouldn't say this happens a lot, but when you're halfway through your burger and you say found a hair in the middle, it's kind of questionable for a place that doesn't form their own patties. If the patties are already formed, how did the hair get all the way in the center of your burger? But of course, you can't claim that they're lying, so you apologize and you comp their meal.


  5. Teamwork is more crucial than you think.


  When you're a waitress, you learn to read other waiters' and waitresses' faces, and you can tell when they're stressed out. If you have a second, you'll ask what you can do to help, and when you're in that situation, they'll help you. It's such a relief knowing that if somebody sees your drinks for a table have been sitting up at the bar for a few minutes, they don't even have to ask you, they'll just bring it out to the table.


  6. Food tastes better when it's discounted, so take advantage of it while you can.

  6. 打折的食物更美味,该出手时就出手。

  When I worked at a chain restaurant, the food was half off, so I ate it way more than I care to admit. I never got sick of it though, because food tastes a lot better when it's discounted. I went back after I no longer worked there and I noticed the food didn't taste as good when I had to pay full price.


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